Neil Perlman,MD, The Quit Doctor

Inventor of the QT-Watch Smoking Cessation System
U.S. Patents 6,839,305 and 7,196,619

Quit Smoking Now

You can quit smoking - the Quit Doctor can help you stop smoking, now. To stop smoking, you need the help and guidance of a professional who has dedicated himself to help people quit smoking cigarettes with no side effects. Stay smoke free for life! You can reduce the risk of cancer and lung disease by qutting smoking now and starting to lead a healthy cigarette-free life today.

The QT-Watch and QT-Palm Software are the doctor-developed, drug-free remedy that will help you break your smoking habit once and for all. You can lead a tobacco-free life. Smoking has been proven, time and again, to be one of the most important factors in the cause of disease, and is a significant contributor to the leading five causes of death, according to the CDC. Quitting smoking can save you money, while helping you live a healthier, longer life.


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